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PowerPRo Designation

PowerPRo Designation
Get membership perks and other benefits by earning the OHSPRA PowerPRo designation! This unique -- and FREE -- membership award allows you to earn points for things you may already doing with OHSPRA. 
  • Enjoy special VIP perks during Spring Conference

  • Proudly display the “OHSPRA PowerPRo” digital badge after your name and title on your email signature and/or on your resume
  • An OHSPRA leader will deliver your award in-person to you and your superintendent

  • OHSPRA will send a letter of designation to your superintendent and school board

  • OHSPRA will profile you on our website, in our newsletter, on social media and during the annual OHSPRA awards celebration

How to earn your PowerPRo

Earn seven points within the membership year by completing a combination of the following activities. (Please note that + indicates a core requirement that may not be substituted.)

  1. Be in good standing (paid up) with OHSPRA. + (1 pt)

  2. Perform a small PR research project to benefit OHSPRA, assigned by the president. + (1 pt)

  3. Organize and host (or co-host) an OHSPRA virtual monthly event. (2 pts)

  4. Enroll a new OHSPRA or NSPRA member. (1 pt each)

  5. Submit materials to OHSPRA Publication Exchange at OSBA’s Capital Conference. (1 pt)

  6. Help in the OHSPRA booth at OSBA's Capital Conference, if applicable. (1 pt)

  7. Attend OHSPRA virtual events. (1 pt each)

  8. Attend the OHSPRA in-person conference, if applicable. (1 pt)

  9. Participate in a board committee (Examples: nominating or Power PRo committee). (2 pts)

  10. Help judge the OHSPRA annual awards. (1 pt)

  11. Help judge another SPRA's annual awards. (1 pt)

  12. Volunteer during the OHSPRA in-person conference, if applicable. (1 pt)

  13. Present a session at OHSPRA's in-person conference, if applicable. (2 pts)

  14. Be a member is good standing with NSPRA. (1 pt)

Get Started
If you would like to participate in this year’s PowerPRo program, please fill out this interest form. Participation in the program is free and you are not obligated to participate simply by filling out the form. We will collect contact information for interested individuals and schedule a virtual information session at a later date. In the meantime, be sure to read the profiles of last year’s participants.

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